Insured and Licensed #BC638101 - Call or Text 651.246.0546

Asked Questions:

Q: Payment methods?
A: I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and if need be we can work out a payment plan.

Q: What is the process/How do I get a quote?
A: Some times an estimate can be given over the phone or via email from my contact page and other times I may need to come out and see the project. A free written estimate will be given so we have no misunderstandings.

Q: Hours Im available?
A: I try to work Monday - Friday. I will make some exceptions and work nights and weekends.

Q: What is your Guarantee?
A: I will repair for no charge any workmanship defects within one year of the service date. This will include labor only and added materials may be extra. Defects caused by neglect or carelessness is not covered.

Q: What happens if unknown problems are found during the project?
A: You will be advised of the situation and what is needed. Your approval is required for any additional charges.